Pengda Auto Trim Parts Hydraulic Press
Pengda Auto Trim Parts Hydraulic Press
News Source:   2014-08-20 15:24:29

This is a car age, almost everyone has a car in developed countries and at least a family has one car in developing countries, without any doubt that car is today's popular goods. Today, I will introduce our Auto Trim Parts CNC Servo Hydraulic press, is specialized pressing auto ceiling, door panel, skylight panel, rear frame separate board, luggage tank separate board etc.

Then, what’s advantage of our machine?

1.Structure—Overall Framework structure

      In the early years, most of such machine adopted four pillars structure, the main reason is the low manufacturing cost. But soon, we found that four pillars structure is not stable due to long time working of slider, and difficult to repair. Overall Framework structure, although slightly higher manufacturing cost, but the Four Angles Eight Horizontal Plane design of slider is very stable, greatly reducing the rate of breakdown maintenance. As a result, more and more clients prefer to choose overall framework one.

Four Angles Eight Horizontal Plane Design of Slider


2.Safety Device--multiple protection mode

           Security, as an important factor of buying equipment by more and more clients, and we design it based on clients' requirements, equipped with many protected mode on our equipment: ① Mechanical protection: Safety Pins, Security Support, Security Fence, Repair Platform etc. ② Electrical protection: Safety Light Curtain.

3.Control System—Servo Control System

         The largest feature of servo control system is energy saving, and this feature is reflected most vividly in auto interior trim parts press. Because most of auto interior trim parts products need long time pressure holding, and servo motor is not running when pressure holding period, so energy-saving effect is very obvious reflected. We have done test for 315T press machine, compared with normal press machine, our servo press machine saved 70% power than normal press. Although the manufacturing cost is slightly higher, but it can make up the cost difference in 2 years.

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