Pengda Hydraulic Press Safety Device
Pengda Hydraulic Press Safety Device
News Source:   2014-07-15 09:06:22

Hydraulic Press is widely applied to various fields, such as auto parts industry, motor industry, bearing industry, drill pipe industry, steel industry, glass fiber reinforced plastic products industry etc. For hydraulic press, accuracy and stable is important, but safety is the most important, today I will introduce our machine’s safety device.

1. Safety Light Curtain—Prevent operator’s hands into machine when pressing.


2.Organic Glass Protective Window & Wire Protective Window—Three sides protection, further protect operator’s safe.


3.Door-open Power-off Switch—When the door is open, power is off.

4.Sound-light Alarm-- When machine meet failure, the three color light will be flashing and buzzer alarm to remind the operator to stop the operation immediately.

Safety Relay Besides, we have Two Hands Working Button & Emergency Stop Button.