YPSK CNC hydraulic press
YPSK CNC hydraulic press
Pengda CNC Hydraulic Press

Safety Light Curtain, Limit Sensor, Lower Lead Point Locating Device, Oil Temperate Cooling Device, Die Change Trolley, Die/Try-out Press, Front/Rear/Left/Right Moving Bolster, Upper Table 90º/180º/Front/Rear/Left/Right Roll-over, Mould Heating & Cooling System etc.


Product Introduction
1. Pressure sensor is installed directly in the machine, high accuracy.
2. Micro computer collect and deal with data to realize auto-control.
3. Display clearly, precise control, rapid respone, reliable and stable.
4. Counter display and account the total and number of unqualified.
5. Double pressed botoms extra is safer.
Pressing, blanking, stamping, drawing, forming of metal sheets applied to industries like motor, washing machine, shaft parts and sleeve parts etc.