Servo Hydraulic Press
Servo Hydraulic Press
Pengda Servo Hydraulic Press
Model: YP41, YP27, YP32, YP35, YP61, YP78, YP96 etc.

Safety Light Curtain, Limit Sensor, Lower Lead Point Locating Device, Oil Temperate Cooling Device, Die Change Trolley, Die/Try-out Press, Front/Rear/Left/Right Moving Bolster, Upper Table 90º/180º/Front/Rear/Left/Right Roll-over,Mould Heating Cooling System etc.

Product Introduction
1. High efficient, 30-60% energy saving
2. Low noise, below 70db zero noise pollution
3. Rapid response, motor speed reach 2500r in 40ms
4. Adjust steplessly, high repeat precision of pressure distance
5. Stable mini-pulse, extend the life of hydraulic components and seal ring
6. Low temperature rise, reduce the amount of oil 7. Simple hydraulic system, reduce the system failure rate
8. Low failture rate, various temperature, current, voltage protection design
Pengda Servo system is the main direction of future! High efficient, energy saving, stable and easy maintance advantages, make it will replace traditional hydraulic system, Gas-liquid pressurization system and electric cylinder system