YP96 Auto interior hydraulic press
YP96 Auto interior hydraulic press
Pengda Auto Interior parts Hydraulic Press

Safety Light Curtain, Limit Sensor, Lower Lead Point Locating Device, Oil Temperate Cooling Device, Die Change Trolley, Die/Try-out Press, Front/Rear/Left/Right Moving Bolster, Upper Table 90º/180º/Front/Rear/Left/Right Roll-over, Mould Heating & Cooling System etc.

Product Introduction
1. Threee-beam four column structure or straight-side frame
2. Fully digital-control of parameters with closed-loop control of pressure
3. No-pressure mould alignment, convenient for aligning mould
4. Multiple pre-pressing and exhaust function
5. Mould recipe stroage and fault diagnosis
6. The full arrange of safety devices and safety control system
7. High effciency of cooling device, suitable for continuous production
Hot-pressing, molding, trimming and fell materials for auto interior ports, such as top loose, door plank, skylight board, after shelf etc.