YP96 auto interior hydraulic press
This series hydraulic press for car interior industry(such as: top loose,door plank,skylight board,after shelf)design,suitable for inner decoration products, the pressure molding,trimming, fell material etc. The machine adopts imported PLC(mitsubishi, omron, siemens)control, aided by the slider stroke measurement of linear displacement transducer, pressure sensors, etc.
YP61Extruding machine
This machine is mainly suitable for metal parts of the extrusion molding, widely used in motorcycle, car gave light etc industries. Its appearance structure is mainly for a frame structure, has the high stability, slanting load resistance ability strong characteristic. Hydraulic system uses cartridge valve integrated system, reliable work, the action is intuitive and easy maintenance.
YP43 flat straightening hydraulic press
Ship plate special hydraulic pressing machine is the plate bending,curved edge,pressure muscle, ruffled, cold and hot forming by pressing the equal equipment, mainly for the ship skinned forming,suppress slot next door and ship type such as the hot and cold forming process, is also petrochemical, industrial area,such as boiler plate forming processing key equipment.
Servo hydraulic press
Servo oil-electrical system and hydraulic presses have many uses for a wide variety of applications. What happens if you combine their capabilities to form a hybrid machine utilizing many of their advantages? What capabilities and attributes would this machine have?
Wuxi Pengda developed a new generation of CNC servo hydraulic press, through the establishment of the industrial PC based on ... ...
YP27 single-action plate stretching hydraulic press
• servo system
• whole frame or split frame
• moving table
• proportional regulation for slider speed and force
• proportional regulation for cushion force
YP78 Glass fiber reinforced plastic hydraulic press
Glass fiber reinforced plastic is a nice kind of composite. It is widely used in construction industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle industry and energy industry, especially in energy and resource saving. We respond to the unique requirements for each customer with excellent quality and creative design products and first class service.
YP45 shell cover hydraulic press
This hydraulic press apply to all kinds of the shell cover of cold and hot forming and integer process, is the production of large stainless steel, alloy steel,carbon steel sealing head of key equipment, a decline in the fuselage of inside and outside and slider two kinds of structure. The hydraulic control system adopts the proportional control technology, through the high performance pressure sensor and the proportional valve pressure monitoring and control.

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